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I'm trying to figure out this book title but I can't so maybe you could help? this girl that goes to new school after she quits a team only to find herself back in the team becasue a new fired she made put her name on the list to be in it.

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uh. this is hard. 


off the top of my head i can only think of bring it on haha.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH. um. probably not what you’re after but:

the one that i want by jennifer echols (goodreads)

it is different than what the goodreads description says. 

otherwise i really have no idea i am sorry.

does anyone have any ideas?


My guess is that it’s The Beginning of Everything by Robin Schneider!


Weekly YA Spotlight: A selection of the most anticipated new YA novels released this week (27/07 - 02/08)

The Young World (The Young World #1) by Chris Weitz ✤ July 29th

Let’s Get Lost by Adi Alsaid ✤ July 29th

Silver Shadows (Bloodlines #5) by Richelle Mead ✤ July 29th

Solitaire by Alice Oseman ✤ July 31st

Oceanborn (The Aquarathi #2) by Amalie Howard ✤ July 29th

Before You by Amber Hart ✤ July 29th

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I’m so excited for Solitaire and Let’s get Lost! I can’t wait for the chance to pick them up!

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New releases

Me: mum, dad. I am expecting.

Mum & dad: ...


Theres one last book coming out in the Maximum Ride series?  First it was supposed to just be the three.  Then there was like a fourth that was just a bonus jonas.  Then there were like four more and it was pretty finite.  And now there’s this Encore book coming out.  I doubt that it’ll actually be the last.

I’m in no way complaining.  I love the series but it’s just weird that it keeps getting extended.  Oh well. More books for me!

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